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yesss. winner. [01 Nov 2003|08:59am]
so scchool was kinda cool this week. monday was boring. tuesday we had this whole big assembly about drugs and stuff and there usually really boring but this big black guy was really funny. haha. ummm.. then wed. we had another assembly. and school was boring. so yesterday was halloween. i got alotta vedy good candyy. lots of full size, yay! yeah ... so we came across to erins side of town. and ate some pizza with ranch .oh yeah man. sat in my basement. listened to music and played some pool. then hmm. we went to lizzies. again. saw a whole buncha st rosens. they were all basiclly assholes to us like always.. except for some of them. yeah lets see. skdjaoisjd. today the skate shop opens on station and were going because bam margera is gonna be there. and we have to do this video for music and we chose the song sk8r boi.lol wow. we had some gay ideas for that thing. welll immm leaviing. pft. tommy likes lizz. ha.
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wow. [26 Oct 2003|07:17pm]
this journal sucks a bunch. this weekend was alright. i went and saw scary movie 3 .twice. i dont know why. it was gay. so on friday went to the movies with meliss and gab. went in the pizza place theree. then we were off to our homes. uhh. saturday my brother called and told me i was going to see scary movie with him? ok. so i went it was stupid. that night my little cousin came over. and slept over cause we were baby sitting her.yeah then i went over to gabs and we walked to joes. and sat on his trampoline and stuff. on sunday. i was gonna go furniture shopping for my new room. in my new house. but. we didnt cause my moms sick :( so is my sister. hmmm... i went down my basement and fell asleep for 2 hours. it was good. this day is going by so SLOW. i wanna go to sleep. and i want my house to be sold. so we dont have to clean it. its geetting a little old.
yeah so im gonna be 14 in 13 days. and im going shopping on my birthday because its a saturday. or maybe ill go before that ... cause were off thursday and friday of that week haha.
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yo. [27 Sep 2003|09:31am]
this journal sucks. i dont like it . but hey im updating .yesterday school was sweet. but i hate gym 7th period cause you have to go another whole period . being gross. so we had a game after school. we played lindenwald they suck bad. this manly girl kicked the ball at my face. and we one 6-0. yeah. they suck. um... oh yeah after the game i went to webbers with gina gab lizz meliss. lol gina was taking chicken from us and she like threw it and it landed in someones water it was realllly funny lol good times. then lizz couldnt stop laughing and it was scary. but yeah. it was all good. then we went to station. hunter and tyler were there. it kinda sucked. but hey.
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havent updated this silly fuck in a whiles. [03 Sep 2003|08:07am]
um tommorrow is schhool. ahh. i hate it i hate the word. and i have no idea why today i got up at 7 30 and took a shower. but anyways. dude. next year were gonna be in high school. werid. um , my moms and pops might send me to cchs but .. i dont even know if i wanna go. like i kinda do. but then id be leaving all my lovies behind from heights. and i love it theree. i love the whole school. its great. and i think i might stay but maybe not i dont know yet. ehh. today. i have to finsh my quesstions . and i have to get my eyebrows waxed and the hairs cut. um . oh yes, and i have to go to dicks. for sports bras and cleates. so this day should be great. then tommorow i have to wake at 6 AM. ew. and start getting ready for school. because im taking spanish, and we have to be in at 8 EVERYDAY. and i have to get an A in that class because then i wont have to take another year, it wont be that hard. yeah so anyway. this summer sucked big ass. and i have to wait 9 more months to actully be able to go out everynight. :( tear. i dont wanna go back . but im bored. i cant wait until soccer. it should be good. and i hope that we get GOOD players. not sucky ones. because ill yell at them :) ok um later.
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[24 Aug 2003|10:12am]
wow. havent updated this thing in a while.hmm.. umm nothing has happened latley. umm i got my period again this week. and we go up to cvs so same old shit there. yeah its boring. uhh so school starts in 11 days. so does soccer. woo. i cant wait were gonna fucckkin rule that team. lol and i think theres like 1 seventh grader playing. wow. cant wait to see how much are team sucks. hopfully barrington kids will play. umm yeah so last night .
-walked up to sivs
-walked to ralphs on the way we stopped at lizzs cos we needed ranch.
-walked back to sivs
-walked over to watchdog rented "life as a house" with hayden<33 woo . hes hot.
-watched some at lizzs in quinns room.
-ginnas mom picked us up and gave us all a ride home.
yeah so are night once again was boring. like always. :) ohh yess im not gonna be heree for meliss's birrthdayy:( ehh. i have to go to the gay shore. allright. yes later
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